We’ve been posting lots of information about this accident since it happened. It’s now been over two months and the question I would like to ask is …


Here’s a review of what’s been posted so far. Review it and then leave a comment with what you think we can learn so far.


First Coverage on the TapRooT® Blog

Early Coast Guard Update

Rig Sinks

Amazing New Root Cause on Oil Rigs: “Human Error”

Video of Rig On-Fire

First Estimates of Cost – $1.6 Billion

Slow Motion Disaster in the Gulf

New Idea: Consider Oil Company’s Environment and Safety Record When Leasing Drilling Rights

Cost of an Accident: Legislative Costs


Bad Days Are Here for Everyone Who Touched the Macondo Prospect (Deapwater Horizon Rig) That Exploded Off Lousiana

TV News Coverage of the Oil Spill Off Louisiana

BP/Transocean Rig Explosion: Amazing Accident Pictures and Interview with Survivor


A Personal View of an Accident: Widow with Child on the Way Tells Her Side of BP/Transocean Rig Accident

Blame Before the Investigation: Looking for Villians Before the Oil Stops Flowing

More Blame and Reprecussions: BP/Transocean Rig Explosion and Oil Spill

BP/Tranocean Rig BOP Failure: The Smoking Gun Paper

BP/Transocean Rig Explosion: Interview with Survivors on ABC

New “Blame” Article in New York Times and a Article about Reduced Support for Offshore Drilling – Is There a Link?

Map of Gulf Oil Spill

Very Critical Article of Offshore Drilling

Interesting Blog Article about BP/Transocean Rig Accident

BP “Culture of Incompetence” says Congressman Bart Stupack

Is This an Investigation Technique or a Liability Reduction Technique

First Congressional Hearings – McKay

60 Minutes Report on the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Newspaper Calls for Investigation of “Safety Culture” at BP

Charles Perrow – Author of “Normal Accidents” – Talks About the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon Accident

The Cost of an Accident: More Lawsuits for BP

Monday Accident & Lesson Learned: Either You Are Leading the Solution or You Are Part of the Problem

MSNBC Investigates Scandal of BP Deepwater Horizon Incident – Corporate Homicide?

How Safe Is Safe Enough? – The Question Being Analyzed After The BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon Accident

Top Kills Fails – BP to Try New Plan

Bad News After an Accident: BP Can’t Get Much Worse Press Than This…

For Those Who Want to Know More About Cementing


More Bad News for BP – Already on Parole from the Texas City Explosion, Fed Now Opening a Criminal Probe of Deepwater Horizon Accident

Interesting Analysis of Regulatory Process in the Off-Shore Oil Industry … What Do You Think?

CNN Reports on “Criminal” Conduct by BP in Story Titled: “Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast”

Great Letter to the Editor in the Wall Street Journal Lays Out Causal Factors Immediately Before the Well Blowout

Houston Chronicle Story Says Criminal Charges Likely for BP the Corporation but NOT for BP Executives

How Long Must We Wait to Learn?

President Names “Independent” Blue Ribbon Commission to Investigate Gulf Oil Spill – Are They Qualified?

The Cost of an Accident – Your Reputation and $20 Billion Dollars

Well Design & Construction Causal Factors of the Deepwater Horizon Accident

More Bad PR for BP – CNN Story: “BP documents highlight PR strategy after deadly Texas blast”

Second Congressional hearings – Hayward

How Bad is the BP PR Impact? It Can’t Get Much Worse Than This…

Sky News Reports: BP Chairman Says “… embattled chief executive Tony Hayward is to have a changed role in dealing with the oil spill.”

Do Exxon and BP Take Different Approaches to Risk?

Cost of an Accident: Costs Sometimes Go Far Beyond the Company Involved

Are We Blaming BP Rather Than Learning From What Went Wrong?

CSB Press Release: CSB to Investigate Root Causes of BP Deepwater Horizon Blowout Accident

Joint Coast Guard & MMS Deepwater Horizon Joint Investigation Web Site

Lessons About Safety Culture from the BP Deepwater Horizon Accident that We Can Learn NOW

Link to the Executive Order that Establishes the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

Columnist Laura Parker Comments on Multiple Deepwater Horizon Investigations

CBS News Reports: “BP’s Disaster: No Surprise to Folks in the Know”

The Wall Street Journal Reports: “Safety and Cost Drives Clashed As CEO Hayward Remade BP”


BP Investigation Presentation from the Deepwater Horizon Accident

BP Deepwater Horizon Fault Tree

Robert Bea’s Investigation

Here’s a PDF of Robert Bea’s Preliminary Findings About the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon Accident

Anadarko Withholds Payment of BP Spill Bill

That catches us up with what is known so far.

Now tell me what we can learn by leaving your ideas as a comment here…