Stopping Future Accidents by Correcting Problems That Did Not Cause The Accidents Being Investigated

Submitted by: James Watson, Regional Specialist, System Safety Branch
FAA, Alaska


TapRooT® investigation often identify actions and conditions that didn’t cause the actual accident being evaluated but that could be significant and, if not corrected, could combine with other factors to cause a future accident.


These factors that the thorough analysis of TapRooT® helped identify are included in the presentation to management at the end of the talk (after the root cause analysis and corrective actions have been reviewed). This review includes explaining and discussing each of these potentially adverse factors with management. At a minimum, management is aware of these potentially adverse factors and the review often leads to discussion of additional corrective actions to address these issues.


Accidents that might have happened are avoided by implementing corrective actions for problems identified during a root cause analysis that didn’t cause that accident but could have cause additional accident and were corrected by proactive corrective actions.