Investigation Detects Lack of Experience in Experienced Personnel And Leads To Job Simulation To Improve Performance

Submitted by: Errol De Freitas Rojas, SHE Coordinator
Company: ExxonMobil, Caracus, Venezuela


We investigated a Marine incident where an anchor cable picked up tension during maneuvers and caused a job to be stopped. We needed to find the root cause of what happened and make sure that that job and similar jobs could be done safely.


The situation was evaluated with divers and other disciplines, and a decision was made to form investigation team  and use TapRooT® to evaluate the incident. After the interviews, the team went back to shore and drew a SnapCharT® to evaluate the information they had collected. When they compared the Captain’s actions and timing to other Captains doing the same type of work in a similar area with similar conditions, the investigation team found that even though the tug captain had many years of experience, he didn’t have experience laying a four point anchor. Thus, the detailed analysis using SnapCharT® and TapRooT® helped the team spot a lack of experience of an otherwise experienced Captain.


We develop a training program for all Captains performing this kind of work. It includes a simulation/practice of anchor laying in a safe area prior to entering the fields. This will ensure training is adequate on laying a four point anchor and eliminate down time and wasted of resources.