The TapRooT® Technical Support team is excited to announce our new Version 5.2.1 of the TapRooT® System Software.  We’ve heard from you and have implemented many new features you’ve suggested.

Here is a list of the enhancements made in this release:

  • New Windows 8 support.
  • New Required fields clearly identified and verified prior to saving the investigation.
  • New Existing TapRooT® database is backed up prior to software upgrade.
  • New Investigation import verifies the investigation to be imported was created with the same version of the TapRooT® software.
  • Improved software scroll navigation.
  • Custom Details fields expand automatically when a large amount of text is entered.
  • Corrective Action Editor allows you to assign departments and individuals to specific steps of the Corrective Action process (Implementation, Verification, Validation).
  • Root Cause Tree Analysis comments appear to the left of the name.
  • SnapCharT® window adjusts to display objects after being previously minimized.
  • Enhanced password encryption.
  • Updated Corrective Action Helper links.
  • Improved Excel export functionality.
  • Improved Location and Classification management.
  • Start menu shortcut renamed.
  • Minimized the number of pop-up windows required to save documents.
  • New Locations and Classifications added if none exist prior to upgrade.
  • New Ability to easily import sample cases.

TapRooT® Single Users can download the software from

You will use the same username and password you used to initially download the software.

If you no longer have this information, you can email to obtain it.

Don’t have the TapRooT® software yet? Click here to learn more.