Ed Skompski has been promoted to Vice President of Software Development at System Improvements.

The promotion recognizes Ed’s continuing achievement making the TapRooT® Software the world’s leading root cause analysis, incident investigation, and proactive improvement software.

Ed will continue his duties managing a growing staff of developers and software support personnel that are starting the Beta testing of the TapRooT® Enterprise Software and continuing the development of a new SnapCharT® Software, Version 5 of the TapRooT® Workgroups and Individual User Software, and web site enhancement projects at System Improvements.

Ed joined System Improvements in 1996 as a Senior Associate teaching System Improvements’ TapRooT® Courses and helping develop System Improvements’ courses. In 2000, Ed became a Partner at System Improvements and took responsibility for project management of the TapRooT® Software Version 4.0. Later, Ed took over management esponsibility for System Improvements’ IT functions and web site.

To contact Ed to congratulate him, call 865-539-2139 or use the web site’s contact feature.