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The most important time to apply advanced root cause analysis (TapRooT®) is when times are bad:

– After a major accident
– When a major equipment failure occurs
– After a hospital sentinel event
– When a major customer has an issue with your product

But even macro economic moves (like a major recession) can be one of these “important times” to apply TapRooT®.

That’s why an article I saw on another blog caught my interest. It quoted Jack Welch (management guru and former CEO of GE) as telling an audience that the top 6 areas he would focus on in 2009 would be:

a) Keeping costs in-line

b) Preparing for the worst-case scenario

c) Cash is King

d) Leadership has to communicate like never before

e) Love your best people

f)  Buy or bury your competitors

But what does this have to do with you and TapRooT®?

First, by applying advanced root cause analysis reactively AND PROACTIVELY you can reduce costs (this helps with item a) by optimizing processes and avoiding accidents.

Avoiding accidents is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT in bad times. So applying TapRooT® to find and fix the root causes of problems is even more important.

Second, for those who have not started using TapRooT® yet, the investment required to start using TapRooT® is cheap compared to big programs like Lean or Six Sigma. You can start small – usually by having the champion attend a 5-Day Course and having an on-site 2-Day course to train key people. This small start produces immediate return on investment.

Once the return starts pouring in, you can expand the program into other areas, train additional people, implement enterprise software and learn even more ways to improve performance. But these investments aren’t required until AFTER the ROI has been proven and you decide to expand the use of TapRooT®.

So for item c (Cash is King), TapRooT® helps by allowing a low up front investment that conserves cash while producing stellar returns. See the success stories at:

for some ideas.

Especially look at the chemical plant success story where they saved $40 million dollars in the first two years when they trained a five person improvement team.

Item e (Love your best people) is always important. But you want to make sure they continue to grow and learn even in difficult times. That’s why investing in their problem solving skills and providing them with rewarding work (solving the companies toughest problems) is so important in today’s difficult economy.

Therefore, sending your best people to TapRooT® Training and the TapRooT® Summit is even more important when times are tough (2009).


TapRooT® Training (2-Day, 3-Day Equifactor®, or 5-Day) is part of the basic training your best people need to become super-performers. And advanced TapRooT® Training (Trending, Innovative & Creative Solutions, Stopping Human Error, Hazard Recognition Best Practices, Risk Analysis & Management Best Practices, …) offered on October 5-6 (prior to the TapRooT® Summit in Nashville, TN) can take the skills of even the best people to a new level.


The TapRooT® Summit is perhaps the most important learning event of the year. Why? Because of item f (Buy or Bury the Competition). You need to leapfrog everyone else to become the BEST in your industry.

In hard times, companies often cut back or eliminate important improvement initiatives. But you can bury the competition by continuing your improvement initiatives. Learn and implement industry best practices and apply advanced ideas from the leading improvement experts to leave the competition in the dust.

Where can you find the knowledge and best practices you need to outdistance the competition? The 2009 Summit (October 7-9 in Nashville, TN) has the unprecedented best practice and advanced idea sharing from great speakers, improvement experts, and industry leaders from a broad range of industries. (And cross industry best practice sharing is one of the best ways to leapfrog companies in your own industry.)

Speakers scheduled for the Summit include:

E D Hill On Set
E.D. Hill of Fox News

Dr. Joel Fish

Mike Kelley

Dave Prewitt

Mark Paradies

John Miller

Heinz Bloch

Beverly Inman-Ebel

Dr Beverly Chiodo

Vincent Phipps

That’s just the start.

Here’s a sample of the sessions you can choose from:

– Pursuit of World Class EH&S
– Communication that Prevents Human Error
– Improving Performance by Analyzing Multiple Aviation Incidents for a Common Cause
– 22 Ways to Become a Safety Champion
– How Fatigue Impacts Human Error
– Persistent Equipment failures and Their Solutions
– Event Free Performance Toolbook
– Becoming Best in Class in Equipment Reliability by Maximizing Uptime
– Improvement Effectiveness Measurement
– Making a Business case for Improvement
– Lessons from TN OSHA Fatality Investigations
– Finding Time for Process Excellence
– Practical Lessons for Applying Personal Accountability

And then there are the Industry and User Best Practices Sharing Sessions:

– TapRooT® User Best Practices Sharing Forum
– Equipment Reliability Best Practices
– Transportation Best Practices Sharing
– Less Than Obvious Lessons Learned from the BP Texas City Explosion
– Oil Exploration & Production Best Practices Sharing
– Healthcare Performance Improvement Best Practices Sharing
– Utility, Nuclear Plant, & DOE Best Practices Sharing
– Refining, Petrochemical/Chemicals, Pipelines, & Terminals Best Practices Sharing
– Spanish Best Practices Sharing (for Spanish speaking TapRooT® Users)
– TapRooT® Software Version 5 User’s Forum


And finally, everyone attends the Planning Your Improvements session to develop a custom company/site improvement plan and have it reviewed by a TapRooT® expert.

The investment required to participate in the Summit is modest. And with the discounts for sending multiple attendees, you can send your whole improvement team (all the key problem solvers) to turbocharge your improvement program and leave the competition in the dust!

Finally, the Summit is GUARANTEED to produce at least a 10 times return on investment.

In tough times, don’t get depressed.

Don’t be stupid by eliminating improvement when you need it the most.

Take the initiative … Convince your management to take Jack Welch’s advice.

Learn and apply advanced root cause analysis – TapRooT® – and industry best practices to leapfrog the competition and emerge from the recession at the end of 2009 as the strongest competitor in your industry.