There are the most posts for this blog (by number of direct clicks) in the first half of 2009…

1. What’s Wrong with 5-Whys??? – Complete Article

2. An Example of 5 Whys – Is this Root Cause Analysis? Let Me Know Your Thoughts…

Picture 8.png

3. TapRooT®’s April Fool’s Video

Picture 9.png

4. Where Does the Accident Pyramid Come From?

5. What’s Wrong With Cause-and-Effect, 5-Why’s, & Fault Trees

6. Switchgear Electrical Short Video

Picture 11.png

7. Friday Joke: Taking Cell Phone Use While Driving to a Whole New Level

Picture 12.png

8. Friday Joke: Are Any of These Accidents Waiting to Happen in Your House???

9. Golfing Accidents

10. Construction Safety

Please note that many people get a direct RSS feed or just watch the daily page. These stats mainly indicate the results of search engine activity and clicks from the TapRooT® Friends/Experts e-Newsletter.

I will check these statistics again at the end of the year (early January) to see if there is a “trend” in what gets clicked on by readers.

*** Note that we don’t try to change our writing
and posts to to be “more popular” but it is
interesting to see what people read. ***