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Problem Solving Tools and Root Cause Analysis Expertise

About TapRooT®

TapRooT® is a systematic process, software, and training for finding the real root causes of problems. It is used by leading companies around the world to investigate and fix the root causes of major accidents, everyday incidents, minor near-misses, quality issues, human errors, maintenance problems, medical mistakes, productivity issues, manufacturing mistakes, environmental releases … in other words, all types of mission-critical problems.

Getting Started

TapRooT® techniques are designed for everyone from beginner to expert. Get started with essential or advanced root cause analysis techniques or equipment root cause failure analysis training.


Learn about our courses and get help choosing training that is right for you.

TapRooT® Software

The patented TapRooT® Individual and Enterprise Software is designed to streamline and organize the incident investigation process for powerful results. The software combines incident identification, analysis, and dynamic report writing into one seamless process.


There are times when an investigator needs to ask for help. Learn about eight problems that can be solved by partnering with a TapRooT® consultant/coach.


Equifactor® is a more efficient and effective way to solve equipment failure and performance problems. Equifactor® integrates troubleshooting techniques and the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System to identify real root causes and implement lasting fixes faster and with more reliability.

TapRooT® Book

You can join the improvement revolution sweeping the world and fix the root causes of problems. How? With the secrets of root cause analysis and performance improvement explained in this book.

Global TapRooT® Summit

Each year we consult with and teach root cause analysis to the world’s leading companies. This interaction makes us premier “knowledge brokers.” Instead of keeping all the best practices we learn to ourselves, we share them once a year at the TapRooT® Summit.