The Equipment Problem Solving Tool for Professionals

Have you ever wondered how successful companies consistently keep their equipment running at peak performance?

Now, you can learn a more efficient and effective method to solve equipment failure and performance problems. Equifactor® integrates troubleshooting techniques and the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System to identify real root causes and implement lasting fixes faster and with more reliability. One single-user license of TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis software is included in this course.

The Equifactor® 3-day courses are designed for Maintenance, Reliability and Safety professionals who want a proven method of analyzing equipment problems and failures when conducting root cause failure analysis.

Learn How To

  • Use the secrets of the “Best-In-Class” companies
  • Conduct more efficient troubleshooting and failure analysis
  • Spend less time analyzing and re-analyzing machinery failures
  • Conduct better failure analysis to reduce repeat failures
  • Improve plant performance and reduce plant downtime to increase profitability
  • Understand how to fix the true root causes of equipment failures


We are so sure of this training that we can say: Attend this training and use Equifactor® / TapRooT® to troubleshoot your machinery problems and find their root causes. You will be more efficient and effective and can reduce failures by 20% or more when using these techniques, if not, just return the books and course materials for a full course fee refund.

How Equifactor Works

A failure has occurred. A pump has failed, a valve seat has been damaged, a compressor has seized.

How do I use Equifactor® to ensure it won’t happen again?

The only way to ensure you understand the true causes of any failure is to perform a root cause analysis.This is done using the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System. However, investigators need expert tools specifically designed for the equipment troubleshooter. To aid in this investigation, the actual equipment failure mode must be discovered. That is where Equifactor® comes in.

The Process Starts

The first step is to use the TapRooT® system to begin the initial definition of the problem. This will quickly focus the investigator on the actual sequence of events and factors influencing the failure. The TapRooT® SnapCharT® technique is used to allow the troubleshooter to understand exactly what was happening when the failure occurred. Only after gathering this information can the investigator begin to focus on the mode of failure.

The SnapCharT® timeline establishes a quick and easy reference point to begin the investigation.

Isolating Probable Causes

In order to fully build the SnapCharT®, the troubleshooter can now use the Equifactor® troubleshooting tables to rapidly isolate the physical cause of the failure.

Equifactor® has designed these troubleshooting tables to quickly narrow down how the part failed. For example, was the pump mounted incorrectly? Was the bearing improperly lubricated? Was it a fatigue failure? Corrosion? Overheating?

The Equifactor® tables were developed based on the experience of Heinz Bloch and his years of troubleshooting expertise. System Improvements has licensed this experience and included it in the TapRooT® software in the form of electronic troubleshooting tables, allowing your investigators to rapidly and accurately narrow down the problem.

Notice at this point we have not had to disassemble any equipment. The tables are used to narrow the focus of the investigation, and allow the investigator to ask the right questions as the gear is torn down. No information is lost or modified before you know right where to look!

With the possible causes narrowed down, the equipment can be disassembled and people can be interviewed. As the evidence is gathered answers are obtained, the initial SnapCharT® is fleshed out, allowing the investigator to finally arrive at the true root cause of the failure.

Corrective Actions

Now that the basic cause(s) has been determined, one step remains.

The failure mode is now fed back into the TapRooT® RCA tree to determine root causes of the failure. The full power of the TapRooT® system can now be utilized to find the true root causes of the equipment failure.

With these root causes in hand, it is now possible to develop the corrective action required to prevent recurrence.

What initially appeared to be a random equipment failure may actually be due to personnel error, improper environmental conditions, or even an installation problem.

These issues can all be analyzed by the TapRooT® system to allow for meaningful, effective corrective actions, all developed through the software.