Introducing TapRooT® Version 5!

The patented TapRooT® Single User and Enterprise Software is designed to streamline and organize the incident investigation process for powerful results. The software combines incident identification, analysis, and dynamic report writing into one seamless process.

The TapRooT® Enterprise Software helps organize a team’s responsibilities, tracks each stage of the investigation process, and allows report approvals and corrective action tracking.

The TapRooT® Single User Software takes the proven TapRooT® System and delivers it in a Windows application. This means that you have the full advanced human performance and equipment troubleshooting technology of TapRooT® in an easy-to-use patented program. The TapRooT® Software has a large number of pre-developed reports that allow you to easily print, retrieve and trend your data.

We have been working night and day to put together a new version of the TapRooT® Software worth your wait. Well here it is… TapRooT® Version 5! This application is new from the ground up with updated technology, updated features, as well as a new user interface that is married to our 7-Step Process Flow. The new interface will aid companies and users with the transition from training to software.

User Focused Features

Landing PageThe newly redesigned interface is based around the user’s need for data access and modeled with the TapRooT® 7-Step Process Flow in mind. Each user is greeted by their own landing page containing data associated with the user, Investigations and Audits assigned to the user, as well as any Corrective Actions.

From the landing page the user has access to edit or view all Audit/Investigation data as well as the ability to status Corrective Actions. When an Audit/Investigation is created or edited the user is provided the 7-Step Process Flow where the progress of the audit/investigation can be tracked and each technique can be viewed and edited.

New and Improved Reports

ReportingWe have revamped our reports to make them more user-friendly and easier to use to communicate the findings of your audit/investigation. Each report can be exported directly to Microsoft® Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) for ease of editing and secure communication of your results.

We have also added additional reports to allow the user easily understandable access to the Root Cause Analysis data collected within the database.

Updated Techniques

TechniquesOne of the key improvements is a new version of our SnapCharT® technique. We have built this technique new from the ground up with new technology and additional features that will make this one of the simplest charting tools you will ever use!

In addition to many of the features you were familiar with from past versions we have added the ability to export the charts directly to Adobe Acrobat (PDF), to picture formats (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG), plus the ability to attach documents directly into the SnapCharT® for viewing within the chart. Attached documents are stored in the database so there are no worries about lost documents or broken links.

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