Introducing TapRooT® VI. A re-imagining of TapRooT® as a technology.

The long awaited TapRooT® VI is here and it is a smarter, faster and easier to use TapRooT® software solution.

It is supported by most web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) which makes it compatible with most devices (PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad, Smart Phone, iPhone).

As an individual user, you can access the software service from any of your devices without worrying about installations or updates.  As an Enterprise customer you can install TapRooT® VI on a server next to your existing TapRooT® Web Enterprise Version 5 software free-of-charge (provided your annual maintenance agreement is current).

Experience a whole new design, improved features and LOTS of enhancements to help guide you through the TapRooT® process.

Here are just some of the exciting new features that you’ll receive with your TapRooT® VI subscription:

  • Full Customization – Create your own custom pick lists, tabs, fields, reports, templates, SnapCharT® defaults and more
  • INCIDENT Management capabilities – Track Incidents, Investigations and Audits all in one place
  • Auto Save function – No need to click the Save Button! TapRooT® VI auto saves your work
  • Redesigned Optional Techniques – Safeguards Analysis, Change Analysis, CHAP and Equifactor® have a new look and improved usability as they interact directly with our SnapCharT®
  • Root Cause Tree® Options – TapRooT® VI now offers both the standard visual TREE View AND the new QUESTION View for an alternative questionnaire format – Track and save your YES and NO responses either way
  • SnapCharT® Enhancements – Apply default shape formatting and the ability to change Events to Conditions (and vice versa) with the simple click of a button
  • SnapCharT

  • Corrective Actions – Use the new step-by-step method to create SMARTER fixes
  • Generic Cause Analysis – Identify, Analyze and create Corrective Actions for GENERIC Causes

Get your individual access here today.

Are you a licensed Enterprise customer or wanting to be? Contact us for more information.