Congratulations! You are now registered for one of our TapRooT® courses. The next step is to install the software prior to attending the course. This article gives you the steps to complete the process.

The TapRooT® software installation includes the required TapRooT® software files along with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. This program is used to house the data locally on your machine and does require FULL local Administrator rights to install. If you are unsure you have these permissions on your machine, you need to reach out to your local IT department for installation assistance. Once Administrator permissions are obtained, the process of installing the TapRooT® software on your machine follows these steps:

  • User or IT Administrator double-clicks on the v532SU_TapRooT_Installer.exe file to begin the installation process.
  • Microsoft SQL Server software is installed.
  • TapRooT® specific files are installed.
  • The installer removes all temporary backup files.
  • The user is prompted to enter the serial number.

Each course is given a unique serial number and individuals attending a 2-Day course will receive an email containing course venue dates, a link to download the software and a serial number that expires 45 days from the course start date. Permanent serial numbers are available for 2-Day attendees for $795. Individuals that attend the 5-Day course or 1-Day  Equifactor® course,  receive an email containing course venue dates, a link to download the software and their unique permanent serial number.

NOTE: The software installation is not required to use the TapRooT® techniques, but is HIGHLY encouraged to provide the best learning experience during the course.