Congratulations! You are now registered for one of our TapRooT® courses. The next step is to install the software prior to attending the course. This article gives you the steps to complete the process.

As an employee of a TapRooT® licensed company, you likely have access to both the single-user and web enterprise version of the software. Our instructors teach using the single user version of the software so we encourage you to have the software installed prior to attending the course.  Here are the steps the TapRooT® software takes during installation your machines:

  • User or IT Administrator double-clicks on the v532SU_TapRooT_Installer.exe file to begin the installation process.
  • Microsoft SQL Server software is installed.
  • TapRooT® specific files are installed.
  • The installer removes all temporary backup files.
  • The user is prompted to enter the serial number.

Here are the answers to several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Can I install the software myself?
A. The TapRooT® software does need to have local Administrator rights to install on the computer. If you are unsure if you have local Administrator rights, please contact your local IT department.

Q. What do I do if I dont know my IT department contact information?
A. You can contact us at 865-357-0080 or email and we can provide you the name of the person listed as an IT contact for your company.

Q. Do I need to have software installed to attend the course?
A. No. The TapRooT® course teaches you the TapRooT® process and uses the software to facilitate this process. However, we encourage installing the software prior to class to maximize your course experience.

We encourage you to have your IT department document the fact the software is installed on your machine. When the software is updated, we send an email to all licensed clients informing them of the update. Documenting that your machine has TapRooT® installed, allows your IT department to ensure you are using the latest version of the software.