October 5, 2009 | Mark Paradies

11 Pre-Summit Courses in Nashville

We start off the Summit week with 11 different advanced courses to help people improve performance. This year the courses are:

  • Improving Your Organization’s Safety Culture
  • TapRooT® Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Course
  • TapRooT®/Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis
  • Advanced Trending Techniques
  • Advanced TapRooT® Techniques
  • How to Interview & Gather Evidence
  • Stopping Human Error
  • Innovation & Creative Solutions
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management Best Practices
  • Hazard Recognition Best Practices
  • Getting the Most from Your TapRooT® Software

All the classes are going well and the students are busy learning practical information that they can take back and apply on their job.

What do the courses look like? Here are some pictures from the classes and lunch. Can you imagine yourself in one of these pictures? Then maybe you should consider attendin a course and the Summit in 2010?

P1010092.JPG  P1010093.JPG

P1010094.JPG P1010095.JPG


P1010097.JPG P1010099.JPG



P1010101.JPG P1010106.JPG

P1010107.JPG P1010108.JPG


P1010112.JPG P1010113.JPG




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