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The CAPA and Continuous Improvement Track

Interested in CAPA and Continuous Improvement? Attend this Track!

The 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit is being held on April 24-28 at the Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe, near Houston, Texas. There are eight best practice tracks. This article explains what you will take away from the CAPA and Continuous Improvement Track.

The CAPA and Continuous Improvement Track has something for everyone. Everyone uses incident investigations and corrective actions to prevent future incidents and improve performance. That’s true for:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities
  • Auto Manufacturers
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • and Many More

Learn from the success stories of others who have used TapRooT® to improve their CAPA programs. This track is full of valuable information from others’ successes and networking to share best practices to take your company’s performance to the next level. What will we discuss? Read on…

CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track Sessions

Here are the sessions that make up the CAPA & Continous Improvement Track:

So, if you are interested in high-reliability organizations and how others are improving their CAPA, root cause analysis, and performance improvement efforts, this track is for you.

Benna Hughes is the Track Leader

Benna Hughes
Benna Hughes

Benna Hughes started working at System Improvements in 2006. She is interested in quality and quality improvement and is a natural for organizing the CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track. She is an Implementation Strategist at System Improvements, where she helps companies develop a roadmap to successful TapRooT® Implementation as part of their performance improvement programs.

Before coming to System Improvements, Benna was in finance and marketing. She was also an Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of a Fortune 500 company. Since becoming an Implementation Strategist at System Improvements, Benna has enjoyed working with companies worldwide to help them determine the path they need to take to successfully improve performance by applying TapRooT® RCA.

Here is why Benna thinks you should attend the CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track…

Please Note: You can customize your Summit experience by choosing sessions from one of the seven other best practice tracks if one or two of the sessions in the CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track aren’t right for you. CLICK HERE to see the complete Summit Schedule. CLICK HERE to register.

But Wait, There’s More!

The CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track is an important part of the Summit, but the Summit is so much more.

Pre-Summit Courses

Before the Summit on April 24-25, there are ten pre-Summit Courses to choose from:

What would I recommend as the best choices for someone interested in CAPA & Continuous Improvement? Here are several choices…

  1. Audits and Proactive Improvement Using TapRooT®. This is an excellent course for people looking to proactively improve performance and fits like a hand in a glove for those interested in quality improvement.
  2. Effective Communication Certification. Anyone involved in performance improvement and CAPA needs effective communication skills. And Vincent I Phipps (VIP – the instructor) is a great person to learn communication skills from. Many previous Summit participants will recognize Vincent as one of our previous Keynote Speakers who received rave reviews.
  3. Measurement, Trending, and Predictive Analytics: How the Best Use Data to Improve Work. Kevin McManus will be teaching this course that explains how to use advanced measurement and trending techniques to manage everyday work and trend performance improvement.
  4. TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course. If you haven’t been to a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course, you need to attend this course. If you THINK you know about root cause analysis, you really don’t know root cause analysis until you attend this course.

All of the courses above are full of valuable knowledge and techniques that you can put to work in a performance improvement program. Click on any course title for details about that course. 

Keynote Speakers

Next, during the Summit, we have five outstanding, insightful Keynote Speakers…

Summit Keynote Speakers 2023

CLICK HERE for a complete description of their presentations.

Anyone interested in performance improvement will enjoy Garrison Wynn’s presentation about effectively communicating about improvement with all employees – from your youngest to those getting ready for retirement.


Next, the networking at the TapRooT® Summit is amazing. People often say that even though the best practice sessions and the Keynote Speakers are great, networking is the most valuable aspect of the TapRooT® Summit. You can learn so much from your peers.


CLICK HERE for a quick reminder of why networking at the Summit is so important.

And CLICK HERE for more information about the “Improving CAPA Best Practice Sharing Session” that is part of the CAPA & Continuous Improvement Track.


Finally, I can’t talk about the important features of the Summit without mentioning how FUN the Summit is. We think that making the Summit fun actually improves the learning experience.

Reception fun

How do we make the Summit so fun? I think it starts with the great people who are TapRooT® Users and TapRooT® Instructors at the Summit.

Fun - TapRooT® ® Users & Instructors

Then there is the Wednesday night reception

Michelle at the Summit Reception

Plus, the Margaritaville Lake Resort is a really fun place to hold the Summit.


You really need to pull out all the stops to attend the Summit and a pre-Summit Course. Your company needs to learn about best practices from around the world to help them improve their CAPA Program and learn new ways to continuously improve. When you attend a pre-Summit Course and this Summit Track, you will take home a great deal of new knowledge you can put to work. So … Don’t wait. Get approval to attend and REGISTER NOW!

Summit Discounts

CLICK HERE to register one or more people and take advantage of the Summit and pre-Summit Course discounts.

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