June 29, 2009 | Barb Carr

21 Students Decide to Leave the Equipment Broke-Fix Mentality behind in the Houston Equifactor® 1-Day Course

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TapRooT® Instructors, Chris Vallee and Dave Janney, teach a record attendance Equifactor® course in Houston last week. Chris is wearing the loud red shirt. So who attended this class you may ask?

Medical…. Power Generation…. Petro-Chemical equipment reliability leaders and safety leaders sat in the class this day. Wait, did you read safety? Just ask the safety leader sitting next you and ask how many times a piece of equipment DID NOT BREAK during a major incident. Now you as an EH&S person may not be able to answer the equipment questions asked in Equifactor® but if you were given a structured way to ask competent equipment questions to your equipment experts would you use it?

Of course aside from major Incidents why would Equifactor® be useful for the EH&S leader….. after all a 30 cent O-Ring that frequently gets replaced on a shutoff valve located in a confine space doesn’t need to be analyzed does it? See below for upcoming Equifactor® courses close to you.

Location Dates
Chicago, ILLINOIS – Sep 17
Calgary, CANADA – Oct 16
Halifax, CANADA – Nov 5
Dallas, TEXAS  – Nov 6
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND – Nov 11
Salt Lake City, UTAH – Nov 12
Edmonton, CANADA – Nov 25


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