July 21, 2009 | Mark Paradies

22 Near-Fatal Accidents in 12 Months at a UK Steel Mill – Is a Safety Standdown Adequate?

A recent article in the Scunthorpe Telegraph says that Scunthorpe Corus Steelworks managers have decided to take a “time out” for safety after having 22 near-fatal accidents in 12 months.

The comments to the article are very critical of management at the facility.

Are 22 near-misses a “trend”? (The pre-Summit Advanced Trending Techniques Course would help you anser this question.)

What would you do to improve safety if your facility had 22 near-fatal accidents in 12 months?

If a future accident causes a fatality, is the Corus management at Scunthorpe likely to be prosecuted under the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter Act because they didn’t take adequate action to prevent future fatalities?

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