September 24, 2019 | Anne Roberts

What Can A 2-Day Root Cause Analysis Training Course Do For You?

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TapRooT® is a world-class software system designed to help investigators solve everyday hurdles. TapRooT®’s root cause analysis takes an investigator beyond his or her knowledge to think outside the box. Backed with extensive research in human performance, incident investigation, and root cause analysis, TapRooT® is a global leader in improved investigation effectiveness and productivity, stopping finger-pointing and blame, improving equipment reliability, and fixing operating problems.

Our 2-Day course teaches you to use the essential TapRooT® Techniques to understand what happened, identify the Causal Factors, and find the Root Causes. Anyone from an expert to a beginner can learn our TapRooT® Techniques. In just two days, discover the TapRooT® Essentials to find and fix the root causes of incidents, accidents, quality problems, near-misses, operational errors, hospital sentinel events, and other types of problems. The “Essential Techniques” include SnapCharT®, the Root Cause Tree®, and the Corrective Action Helper®.

2-Day Client Testimonials:

  • “Learning the SnapCharT® Basics helped me understand the difference between casual factors, root causes, events, etc.” – Cassie
  • “The 2-Day training course sets a good pace, and the material is easy to understand.” – Tim
  • “The TapRooT® Software will help our quality department, and it is easy to put reports together to present to management.” – Roye
  • “I enjoyed the interactive components of this course, and utilizing the TapRooT® Dictionary helped me understand the layout of the program a lot quicker than just watching slide shows.” – Matthew
  • “The exercise where we work through the TapRooT® Tree was extremely beneficial. I found this exercise to be very helpful in understanding the information.” – Josh

We take your course evaluations seriously. Without them, we couldn’t continue to improve and grow as a company. So thank you for your valuable feedback!

Looking for a course near you? Find a course location and reserve your seat today by clicking on the links below.

2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training
5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training


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Registration is now open for the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit taking place on March 9 – 13, at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort located in the Texas Hill Country. If you sign up now, you will be entered into our Early Bird Registration Drawing. You have until January 1, 2021, to qualify for our drawing.


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