June 4, 2009 | Dave Janney

51 Sent to the Hospital, 5 Admitted Following Chemical Leak

Here is the story:


Interesting; the second major event and repeated attention by OSHA.  While the fines may not be much, shutting down the plant and paying all these medical bills must be quite costly at this point. 


“The second violation pertained to the employer’s investigation report following the ammonia leak in January 2008. The report said JBS did not adequately address … several factors that may have contributed to the accident.”

So they’ve had all these problems, OSHA told them that their report last year did not dig deep enough, and now they have had another major incident.  Had they taken action the last time this event would not have happened.

I would love to know the final cost of these two major incidents and the fallout from all these inspections.  I would bet it is enormous.  And that does not consider public perception, which is hard to measure but very real and a bad public opinion about an organization can be very damaging to the business.  

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