July 28, 2009 | Barb Carr

7 Ways to Make More LinkedIn Connections for your Career Development

You can multiply the chance of someone finding you when they are looking for someone to hire (or do business with) by simply adding connections to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a well-known but often underutilized tool because busy professionals don’t have time to learn how to use it effectively for career development.


If your LinkedIn profile could use a little dusting off, here are seven ways to make more career development connections:

  • Fill out your profile completely, proofread it carefully, and add your photo to gain trust from users.
  • Don’t file away the business cards you receive: when you meet people at events, follow up with a personal note and invitation to connect through LinkedIn.
  • Include the URL to your LinkedIn profile as part of your outgoing email signature.
  • Share your expert knowledge by answering questions in the “Question and Answers” section (TIP: Show expertise without being too self-promoting or using hard-sell tactics.)
  • Join a group on LinkedIn that reflects a topic you are interested in.
  • Update your LinkedIn status with examples of your recent work.
  • Start and manage a group or fan page for your product, brand or business.

Every connection you make leads to more connections based on mutual friends and opportunities to meet others!

LinkedIn is just one way to use an online profile to promote your career development. LEARN MORE about how LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter combined with a Super Resume will help you make your next career step by registering in the Career Development Best Practices Track at the 2009 TapRooT® Summit! Or contact me, Barbara(at)taproot.com for more info!

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