January 2, 2021 | Mark Paradies

A Doctor’s Advice on COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment Outside the Hospital

I found this video very informative and I hope you do too.

Here is a picture of the overview of the strategies…

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3 Replies to “A Doctor’s Advice on COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment Outside the Hospital”

  • Mark says:

    Let me know if you found this information helpful by leaving a comment.


  • Will Kramer says:

    My wife and I had COVID-19 in March. Both of us are over 60- and have co-morbidities but were able to recover at home. We didn’t think it noteworthy at the time but we are both on Vit D, in my case I take 5000 IU daily per Doctor’s guidance. Perhaps that helped with our bouts with the virus.

  • Keith Thompson says:

    I am a Medic on an industrial vessel.
    I find the information educational, interesting, and worth the time to view the material 3 times.
    I took notes and shared with family, colleagues.
    I always had a suspicion that there was a better way to overcome the COVID-19/ SARS-2 challenges.
    Thank you for putting this out there.

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