December 16, 2009 | Barb Carr

A Good and Bad Example of CRM: “Flight attendant caught wayward pilots unaware”

A good example of CRM (Crew Resource Management)

“A call from a flight attendant to the pilots of the Northwest Airlines plane that overshot Minneapolis catapulted the cockpit crew from complacency to confusion.

According to a statement signed by flight attendant Barbara Logan, she called the cockpit around 8:15 p.m. CDT to find out when they would be landing. She was told they would land around 12 Greenwich Mean Time. “I said I did not know the time — he said I was hosed and hung up.”

The lead flight attendant called to get gate information and was apparently also hung up on, according to Logan’s report. That flight attendant later got through to the cockpit.”

Years ago would the Flight Attendant have pushed so hard before CRM?

Read more here:

Now an example where CRM would helped in the death following a scheduled surgery. An everyday medical procedure ended up in an excessive delay of needed oxygen to the patient.

Go here to see the video and see where the medical staff did not feel empowered to push the doctors involved:

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