November 6, 2009 | Barb Carr

A TapRooT® Instructor and Student were walking down a street in Halifax……

…. the student looked up and yelled STOP! Right above our heads was a load being lifted at the height of the load in the photo below. Here is what was different than the picture you are viewing:

1. No markers or barricade
2. It was night time
3. The flat load was being lifted with 2 slings
4. The crane operator was lifting the load over the blind side of the building (over the sidewalk that we were walking on)


So what did I and the student do? We walked up to the three guys hooking up two slings for the next load. Here is the conversation that transpired:

Us: “Who is in Charge?”

…. there was a pause as the two workers looked at each other and then they pointed to the guy on top of the flatbed (he was the one with the nice work outfit and pretty hard hat).

Foreman: “What do you want?”

Us: “Just wondering way we looked up to see a load being lifted directly over our heads?”

Foreman: ” Once it leaves the ground the crane operator is responsible!”

Us: “You get to be kidding!”

This conversion continued with the same resolve. So the thought was that if the material slipped out of the slings and landed on us, who would be in charge? Technically it would not be on the ground and not in the air. So I guess we would have then been the people in charge. Clinton from JD Irving, called the company the next day and reported the unsafe act to the crane company’s general manager.

So what would you have done?

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