November 7, 2010 | Mark Paradies

A Weekend in London Prior to the 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Course

What does a TapRooT® Instructor do when they have to stay over from a meeting in Brussels for a 5-Day Course in London?

How about …

See some strange monuments (a giant ship in a bottle):

Img 0623

Go visit the Queen:

Img 0637

That is until a guard says no way (Well … they don’t actually speak. They just use that pointy thing).

Img 0635

Or take some riding lessons. Of course, riding is more difficult holding a sword. And they had to get me an extra large horse to go with my red cape and pointy helmet!


Or take a ride on a steam powered vehicle (zero to 60 in … never?).

Img 0653

Img 0652

I did have time to visit my Dad’s memorial statue (it commemorate those who fought in the Eagle Squadron before the US joined WWII. He flew Spitfires.

Img 0662

Img 0665

A pretty small group (just 244 Americans).

Img 0671

And then it was off to do some Christmas shopping. Surely the stores wouldn’t be crowded this early before Christmas … would they?

Img 0681

Looks like the recession is through!

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