January 11, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Accident Investigation & Reporting is one of 10 Best Practices in CII Zero Accidents Research Best Practices

Thaddeus Allen of Fluor will discuss the Construction Industry Institutes Zero Accident Best Practices Research at the TapRooT(R) Summit.

But before you attend the Summit I thought I might let you in on a little bit of inside information. One of the nine best practices identified by the CII research that helps the best companies achieve outstanding safety performance is accident/incident reporting and investigation.

What were the other 8 of the best practice categories that were noted by the research?

??? Demonstrated management commitment

??? Staffing for safety

??? Safety planning

??? Safety training and education

??? Worker participation and involvement

??? Subcontractor management

??? Recognition and rewards

??? Drug and alcohol testing

Fluor used the CII research to implement a safety improvement program and called it “ZERO ACCIDENTS“.

Now for a little more inside information.

What incident investigation and root cause analysis tool did Fluor adopt as part of their safety improvement program?


What construction industry leaders use TapRooT(R) to improve their root cause analysis? Here’s just a few who are CII members:

Chicago Bridge & Iron

Kellogg Brown & root

HB Zachry

The Parsons Company

Fluor Corporation

So if you aren’t already a TapRooT(R) User, I would highly recommend attending TapRooT(R) Training and the TapRooT(R) Summit to see why industry leaders choose TapRooT(R).

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