February 27, 2009 | Dave Janney

Accident Investigations – Lack of Cooperation Between Parties

Here is the story:


I like the phrase “let the safety professionals do their job.”  That would be nice wouldn’t it!?

It’s never good when people involved in an investigation do not cooperate.  And, while the article does not say this, I have to wonder what evidence may have been disturbed during the process.  Evidence collection is VERY important in accident investigation.  If you have been to a TapRooT® course, you know that in order to do a good root cause analysis, you must first understand what happened.  If the evidence has not been preserved, this makes your job difficult, and many times you lose valuable information all together.

In your organization, how do you ensure that evidence is collected and preserved?  There is good guidance in the TapRooT® Book (TapRooT® – Changing the Way the World Solves Problems, Paradies/Unger, 2008).  You have to have a good written investigation policy (Appendix A) and part of this policy should contain evidence collection/preservation plans (Chapter 3, 3.5.3).

There are two ways to get the book:

1. Order One! http://www.taproot.com/store.php

2. Attend a TapRooT® course and you will get one with your course materials.  Here is the schedule:


Thanks for Blogging with us and have a good weekend.  See you soon at a course; until then, happy investigating!

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