January 16, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Accident of the Week – TWA 800

I’ve decided to post links to at least one accident or near-miss each week.

Each will have a lesson learned or a important fact for incident investigators and root cause analysts.

This week I am posting a link to the CNN web site of the TWA 800 accident.


Also, here is a link to the NTSB investigation web site:


What can you learn from this incident? You can’t believe everything you see.

Eye witnesses said they say a missile that shot down the plane. But a fuel tank explosion is much more likely.

Look forward to future postings. Some will be major accidents. Others will be smaller incidents. Some may even be near-misses that we can learn from.

And if you have any interesting accident footage, e-mail it to me at info@taproot.com.



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