December 2, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Accident Photos – Sometimes People Just Have a Bad Day

Dave, a TapRooT® User in Angola, sent me these photos that his wife had forwarded to him…

Bad Day for the Pilot

Image001 284

Bad Day for the Ice Trucker

Image002 157

Bad Day for the Tow Truck Driver

Image004 19

Bad Day for Drivers

Image005 11

Bad Day at the New Car Lot

Image006 7

Bad Day to Take Pictures

Image010 5

Bad Day at the Beach

Image011 5

Bad Day at the Switching Yard

Image014 2

Bad Day for a Trucker (and other Drivers)

Image017 5

Bad Day in the Parking Garage

Image018 5

Bad Day for the Ground Crew

Image019 5

Let’s do things proactively to make sure that we have a good day (rather than having a bad day that requires an accident investigation and a root cause analysis).

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