November 15, 2018 | Mark Paradies

Admiral Rickover & High Reliability Organizations

Admiral Rickover

Results are the best measure of performance.

Sixty years of running multiple (sometimes over 100) reactors and having no nuclear accidents is an amazing accomplishment.

To have the record continue over thirty years AFTER you leave the organization is even a bigger testimony to your legacy.

That is what Admiral Hyman Rickover accomplished.

How did he do it?

What made the Nuclear Navy the premiere how to guide for achieving high reliability?

That’s the talk of Mark Paradies’ breakout session at the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit.

CGN 41

Mark joined the Nuclear Navy is its heyday. He was interviewed by Admiral Rickover to enter the program. He received his initial year of training at Nuclear Power School and at the S1W Prototype in Idaho where he was qualified as an Engineering Officer of the Watch.  He then served on two nuclear powered cruisers – the USS Arkansas and the USS Long Beach. While on the Long Beach he qualified as an Engineer Officer by Admiral Rickover’s organization – NAVSEA 08. He lived the high reliability life and knows the work it takes to achieve perfect process safety.


There are many lessons from the Nuclear Navy that can be applied to achieve excellent process safety and high reliability operations in any industry. In fact, many of the major process safety accidents could have been prevented if Admiral Rickover’s philosophies were applied in the refining, chemical, and oil exploration and production industries.

Come to the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit and hear Mark’s description of Rickover’s nuclear safety philosophy and see how you can apply the lessons learned to improve process safety and achieve operational excellence.

Where is the Summit being held? Houston (Montgomery), Texas, at the La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa.

When is the Summit? March 11-15.

When is Mark’s talk? Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30 (Breakout Session 2). The talk is part of the Performance Excellence Track.

Register for the Summit at:

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