May 22, 2009 | Dave Janney

Air Crash Probe Begins in East Java

Here is the story:


“Juwono said that the team would also investigate the actual number of passengers killed, including the possibility that unregistered passengers had been aboard the plane.

“The plane has been broken apart by a backhoe to make it easier for us to remove it.”

“He said the plane underwent a major overhaul in 2007, which included an upgrade to the plane’s engines and a scan of the fuselage for any exterior damage.  A major overhaul means square one; the plane is a new one again.  It also underwent a minor overhaul the day before it crashed.  So I can say that the plane was absolutely in good condition.”

“Politicians and aviation experts on Thursday blamed the Armed Forces’ inadequate maintenance budget as one of the contributing factors in this latest string of accidents.

I’m just a little worried about this investigation.  We’re sure the plane is in good condition because it was overhauled two years ago and had a check just yesterday, but they don’t have an adequate maintenance budget, and people saw things falling off the aircraft.  They broke the plane apart to get it out of there; I wonder how they can investigate when the evidence has been compromised.  And, we don’t know exactly who was onboard, and we don’t know what the weather was.  Wow.

Just a few holes in the system here, I’d say.  

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