September 10, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Amazing Audio of Accident Interview

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George Burk, plane crash and burn survivor, spoke at our Summit several years ago. The story of his survival ordeal is impressive.

Today he sent me a link to a tape of one of his original accident investigation interviews. Click on the link and hear the actual interview of a man who they thought would died at any time from his injuries. To read the story of his ordeal, order the book:

A Bridge Never Crossed

George is truly an inspiration. You can hear him struggle in pain to answer the investigator’s questions. Deep inside, he knew he was dying – yet he continued to struggle to answer their questions. He even throws in a occasional “Yes Sir!”

The questioning techniques used are rather rudimentary. If you would like to learn an advanced interviewing technique, attend a 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Course and learn the TapRooT® 14-step cognitive interviewing process. For more information about the 5-Day Course, see:

Root Cause Analysis
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