July 22, 2013 | Mark Paradies

Amusement Park Ride Accidents: Rare or Commonplace?

With two accidents covered in the press recently (see articles HERE and HERE), one might wonder … “Are amusement park accidents rare or common place?”

There is a web site that covers amusement park accidents. See it here:


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The site points out that there is little regulatory oversight of amusement park rides. It has the following quote:

” … independent amusement ride inspector Ken Martin stated, ‘There’s absolutely no federal oversight, no state investigative oversight or any local investigative oversight.'”

That isn’t true in all states (37 have some sort of regulatory authority). But in any case as we have seen in many industries, regulation does not assure safety.

Many love the thrill of something that seems dangerous, but is actually safe. The problem occurs when the ride turns out to be more thrill than what was paid for – a serious injury or fatality.

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