September 23, 2010 | Barb Carr

Announcing Free Copy of R3 Risk Score Calculator

Potential attendees considering registration for the 2 day Pre-Summit course – Risk Analysis and Management Best Practices  RAMBP – are reminded that each attendee receives their own personal free copy  of the semi-quantitative R3 Risk Analysis Tool as shown below.

The screen shot of R3 Risk Score Calculator above shows that, risk scoring by Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis is achieved by setting the 3 dimensions / variables on an adjustable nomogram which automatically compounds the 3 to give the risk score.

R =   C consequence X E exposure  X P probability

The risk score is used for R3 purposes – Risk Rating and Ranking – to assist decision making.
The nomogram includes pull-downs for Guidance in selecting C, estimating E and P as well.

This 3d nomogram method of semi-Q risk analysis is often preferred over the common 2d risk matrix R = L X C  method which is also covered in the course.

For those organisations which use the 2d R = L X C risk matrix method for risk scoring, the course also covers at least 6 specific ways in which that form of risk scoring can be made more reliable and accurate.

If you want to know more about the course to help decide if you will attend, email Jim Whiting at jim(at)

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