July 1, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Another Place for Root Cause Analysis – Web Service Outage Analysis

Rackspace, a web hosting company, had a 45 minute outage on June 29th. An Article in Web Host Industry Reviews says that they are going to perform a root cause analysis of the event.

Analyzing the root causes of web outages can be very similar to other outage analyses that people do using TapRooT®.

For example, BellSouth used TapRooT® to review 911 outages, long distance network outages, and local service outages.

Another high reliability computer service provider, Tandem Computers who was later bought by HP, used tapRooT® to analyze network and computer reliability issues/outages.

It really is amazing how even with different technologies, the same proven techniques can be used to find the root causes of human error and equipment failure.

If you would like to learn advanced root cause analysis to analyze service problems, attend a TapRooT® Course. For more information, see:


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