April 3, 2007 | Ken Reed

Are You Having Trouble Receiving the TapRooT® Friends/Experts e-Newsletter?

A few of our Friends/Experts e-Newsletter subscribers are receiving our e-mails poorly (including those who use Eudora, Lotus Notes, OE/Macintosh, and Outlook ’97). By “poorly,” I mean that they receive the e-Newsletter garbled, and other times the internal links in our Newsletter do not work.

Our e-Newsletter service (Constant Contact) formats, transmits and displays our e-Newsletter so that it is received well by the e-mail services that follow certain Internet standards — since the largest majority of e-mail services follow those standards in their design. We also keep our design as plain text as possible since so many subscribers have trouble with graphics. Unfortunately, even though we carefully test every link before we distribute the e-Newsletter through Constant Contact, since we have such a large subscriber base who use so many different e-mail services, some of our subscribers are not receiving the newsletter in good format.

If you are having trouble receiving the e-Newsletter in the right format, and have an alternate e-mail address (free web based mail like Yahoo® or Hotmail® receive our e-Newsletter well), please e-mail me, Barbara, your new address at info@taproot.com. Your alternate e-mail address may follow the Internet standards you need to receive the e-Newsletter in the right format.

Also, if you thought you were subscribed to our e-Newsletter but are not receiving it, it may be because of your SPAM filter. If that is the case, again, please contact me so I can help you resolve the issue.

We appreciate you as a subscriber! Don’t let your SPAM software or e-mail provider keep you from getting the latest topics in root cause analysis and incident investigation delivered right to your inbox!

Barbara Phillips

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