September 13, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Are You Looking for a Better Answer?

Sometime people just feel like they are stuck.

They want to improve performance but they just don’t have any new ideas to try.

Or the ideas they have are too expensive.

Sometimes they just keep having the same problems over-and-over again and just can’t seem to solve them.

If you sometimes feel that way, I have a couple of ideas for you …

1. Attend the TapRooT® Summit.

The Summit is a great place to get new ideas.

As the Summit Chairman, I work really hard every year to put together sessions that will help people get new ideas to solve their toughest problems. And I have help from the 60+ member TapRooT® Advisory Board and the 40+ TapRooT® Instructors.

To see the nine Best Practice Tracks and the complete schedule, see:

2. Attend a TapRooT® Course.

If you are having trouble stopping incidents from happening over-and-over again, TapRooT® Training will help. It is actually guaranteed to help. See the guarantee and the 2-Day, 3-day, and 5-Day TapRooT® Course schedules and info at:

2-Day Course

3-Day Course

5-Day Course

Don’t wait. failure to improve can be costly and fatal. How many accidents have you seen in the news that could have been prevented if only someone had started improvement sooner.

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