April 13, 2010 | Barb Carr

Aviation Human Factors & SMS Wings Seminar…. what a great conference!

I had the opportunity to attend a conference with three of my passions: Aviation, Human Factors, and TapRooT®. Even better, it was held in the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Love Field, Dallas, Texas. I posted just a few of my favorite aircraft.

It was nice to see that many of our clients from Jazz, American Airlines, FAA, NASA and Southwest Airlines were also present.

Plus a special appreciation to meeting Dr. Besco who worked with Dr. Chambers (a friend and professor who passed away). Both of these Experts were Frontiers in Human Factors.

The F-16, my First Aircraft as a fuel Systems Mechanic…. at least the aircraft kept its shape : )

Photo Photo-2

Admiral Byrd and the Ryan PT

Photo-4 Photo-8
The Lan FN 2100 and Vintage Bell Helicopter
Photo-6 Photo-7
Piper PA
And this one is…….

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