April 1, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Baggage Handling Root Cause Analysis?

An article in the Daily Express described the trouble at Heathrow as a “Baggage Meltdown.”

The results of thousands of “lost” bags are called a “Luggage Mountain.”

They have had to fly jumbo jets loaded with just bags across the ocean to try to unite travelers with their luggage.

And news outlets say the problem could get WORSE!

The cost of this “incident” is more than just the immediate costs to the airlines and travelers. Some say it has caused damage to the whole British reputation.

Picture 49

What is the “cause?” Everyone has an opinion. Most are looking for someone to blame.

But instead of looking for someone to blame, they should try advanced root cause analysis.

TapRooT® has been applied by many major airlines. Alaska Airlines even used it to analyze delayed flights and improve on-time departure statistics.

Perhaps British Air should try TapRooT® to stop the baggage meltdown and improve customer service?

And next time they should use root cause analysis as a PROACTIVE tool to improve performance BEFORE they open a new terminal and thus avoid a major quality of service incident.

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