April 4, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Baggage Meltdown to Cost British Airways $32 Million

Today, The Wall Street Journal reported that the baggage mess at Heathrow Airpo’s Terminal 5 will cost British Airways $32 Million Dollars. These costs are the result of cancelled flights (lost revenue), the cost of forwarding bags, and the cost of putting up stranded passengers at hotels. The costs do not include the damage to the airline’s reputation.

What does this mean to people performing root cause analysis?

If testing, audits, and proactive root cause analysis had been used prior to the opening of this terminal, these costs could have been avoided.

Also, the industry (or at least British Airways) didn’t learn from the root causes of the fiasco at the new Denver airport (not so many years ago). If the root causes of that failure were analyzed and shared, lessons could have been learned that might have prevented this “baggage meltdown.”


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