April 8, 2011 | Barb Carr

Become a Better Leader and Avoid Bad Press for Your Company

According to an Edelman study of more than 20 countries, global trust in business is at an all-time low and diminishing.   Another study I read indicates that online news sources are still the first choice for most people when looking for information on companies.

This combination of global mistrust combined with blind faith in online media reporting means to be a better leader, it’s important to know how to avoid bad press for your company.

I couldn’t help but notice that recent headlines appearing in my online media source for local news sounded like case studies for TapRooT® training:

Two Die When Wall Falls at Gatlinburg Sewage Treatment Plant

McGhee Tyson Traffic Controller Faces Firing After FAA Says
He Slept on the Job

In this day of rapid technology, the people you market to are breaking down all of the information the media is putting out about your company, and blogging and sharing the information online in a matter of minutes of release.

There’s a key action you can take to help your company from finding itself in the harsh media spotlight: TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis training.

TapRooT® is a systematic process, software, and training for finding the root causes of problems and developing effective fixes to keep problems from happening again.

TapRooT® is the most effective, tested, documented root cause system used by industry leaders around the world. One of the most impressive parts of the TapRooT® System is the training that helps people see problems in a whole new light. TapRooT® is not only used to react to incidents, but it’s also used proactively to keep them from occurring.

Are you noticing the same type of problems happen over and over again – safety incidents, equipment failures, quality issues, sentinel events, or production upsets? Stop trying “fixes” that just don’t work. You can become a better leader and avoid bad press for your company. Find the real root causes of problems so that you can fix them once and for all and never end up in tomorrow’s negative headlines.

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