May 29, 2009 | Barb Carr

Become Best in Class in Equipment Reliability!

Now you can achieve best in class status in equipment reliability! We are pleased to welcome Heinz Bloch back to the TapRooT® Summit in Nashville, Tennessee October 7-9, 2009.


Heinz Bloch is a graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology (BSME, MSME, Cum Laude). After his retirement from Exxon Chemical Central Engineering (in Baytown, Texas), he worked as a consulting engineer and authored 17 books. He is the equipment/reliability editor of Houston-based Hydrocarbon Processing and has published over 460 papers and articles on reliability improvement subjects. For several decades, he has advised industry on maintenance cost reduction and reliability improvement issues and has taught over 500 equipment uptime improvement courses on all six continents. Summit sessions that he will be leading include:

The Biggest Equipment Reliability Problems Facing the Process Industry (and Their Solutions)

  • Learn why the mean-times-between failures of identical pumps at different U.S. refineries range from a disappointing 3 years to well over 9 years.
  • Hear specifics of bearing protection and issues that are vastly misunderstood (how using logic can lead you to superior solutions).
  • Understand lube application flaws the equipment vendors will not admit (fear of litigation).
  • Understand why lubricating oil sometimes turns black and how to avoid a problem that has puzzled equipment manufacturers and users.
  • Learn dual seal component improvements your mechanical seal alliance partner either does not know, or will not tell you about.

How to Become Best in Class in Equipment Reliability by Maximizing Uptime

  • Practice zero-cost resourcefulness and mentoring through vendor networking, as practiced by BEST-OF-CLASS companies.
  • Implement bid evaluation concepts your design contractor knows little about.
  • Effectively manage reliability on New Projects by getting rid of erroneous cost data.
  • Groom talent and skills—and understanding why the contractor cannot do this for you.
  • Accept little-publicized reliability management strategies that made big differences in ultimate profitability and set the stage for Best-of-Class performance.

Equipment Reliability Best Practice Sharing

How are Best-In-Class companies solving their equipment reliability problems? This session will consist of a round-table discussion chaired by equipment reliability experts (including Heinz Bloch). Bounce your ideas off the experts, and learn how other improvement professionals are overcoming new challenges in today’s unique market environment. Don’t come empty-handed! Bring you own best practices to share, and take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your improvement program.

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