February 26, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Best Practices: Management & Measuring Performance

If your improvement program needs best practices to measure performance and better manage your facilities, you should be planning to attend the TapRooT® Summit in Las Vegas on June 25-27. Read the session titles below if you are interested in setting or changing your company culture or setting up a reliable performance measurement system. 

Track Leader: Joel Haight (Penn State)


Culture Shift Secrets – Changing Systems to Shift Cultures Towards High Performance – Kevin McManus, President, Great Systems!
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Corrective Actions – Brian Hennesey, First Energy, & Michele Lindsay, Principal Consultant, P2, Canada


Performance Measures
1) The Latest Research on Performance Measures – Dr. Joel Haight, Penn State University
2) Applying Performance Measures in Industry & Healthcare – Dr. Joel Haight, Penn State University


TapRooT® User Best Practices – Linda Unger, VP, System Improvements, & Michele Lindsay, Principal Consultant, P2, Canada


Management & Performance Improvement
1) What Do Managers Need to Know About Performance Improvement & Root Cause Analysis – Mark Paradies, President, System Improvements
2) How to Identify Culture Issues When Performing a Root Cause Analysis – Mark Paradies, President, System Improvements

How to Get & Keep Management Support – Miles Kajioka, Production Manager, ConocoPhillips Bayway Refinery, & Michele Lindsay, Principal Consultant, P2, Canada

 Blog  Images Conf2006 Chiodo-1

Character Driven Success – Dr. Beverly Chiodo, Texas State University
Senior Executive Involvement in Safety
1) Bringing Safety to the Corporate Board – Dave Prewitt, VP FedEx
2) What the Corporate Board Needs to Know About Safety – Bob King & Darby Alan – Woodland Grange, UK

Planning Your Improvements (Facilitated session by TapRooT® Instructors)
These sessions are in addition to the inspiring Keynote Speakers:


Lt. Col. Ralph Hayles (retired), Gulf War Veteran, Lessons Learned from Friendly Fire.


Nikki Stone, Olympic Aerial Skiing Gold Medal Winner, Overcoming Setbacks to Achieve Olympic Success

Picture 13-1

Carolyn Griffiths, UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch Chief Inspector, Lessons from Setting Up an Independent Accident Investigation Organization

Edward Frederick-1

Ed Frederick, Exelon Nuclear (Board Operator at TMI during the accident), The Accident at Three Mile Island – An Insider’s Perspective


Marcia Wieder, Doctor of Dreams, You Can Make Improvement Happen
And to make the week in Las Vegas even more knowledge packed, attend a Monday/Tuesday pre-Summit Course. Two that go amazingly well with the Management and Measuring Performance theme are:

Advanced Trending Techniques


Risk Management Best Practices

Don’t wait! The Summit is rapidly approaching and you need to get the time scheduled to prevent conflicts from arising. Also, the course size is limited and these courses will fill up fast. So register for the Summit and a pre-Summit course at:


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