March 20, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Best Rated Speaker Ever Returning to 2008 TapRooT® Summit

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Dr. Beverly Chiodo, Professor at Teas State University, was a Keynote Speaker at the 2007 TapRooT® Summit. It is very unusual for us to have a Keynote Speaker back. There are so many interesting speakers and we want attendees to come back year after year to get new points of view. But so many attendees in 2007 asked us to have Dr. Chiodo back, and to have her expand on the topic of Character Based Behavior Change, that we had to break with our past rules and invite Dr. Chiodo to return.

First, Dr. Chiodo will repeat last year’s talk, “Character Driven Success,” in the 2:40 Human Error Reduction & Behavior Change Best Practice Session on Thursday. People who saw the talk last year as a Keynote who would like to see it again, should sign up for this session. If you didn’t see her talk last year and you want to know what the buzz is all about, get to this session!

Then on Friday, Dr. Chiodo will go beyond last year’s talk with a follow up talk in another Human Error Reduction & Behavior Change Best Practice Session. The talk, titled “Changing Behavior by Praising the 49 Character Traits” is for anyone truly interested in ethical, effective methods to change behavior and who wants to hear interesting, practical advice.

To learn more about this  blockbuster Summit, the great networking, and the best practice sharing (including videos from attendees at the 2007 Summit), see:

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