October 13, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Blackberry Outage – Is a Three Day Outage on a High Reliability Business Application OK?

Many people count on their Blackberries to run their business. They get concerned about even a one hour outage. But the most recent outage has been going on for three days.

Here’s a quote from a recent Forbes story about the unexpected outage:

In a Wednesday afternoon conference call for reporters, RIM’s Chief Technology Officer for software, David Yach, said the company is working “around the clock” to fix the service issues. Though RIM says it is still investigating the root cause of the problem, Yach expressed certainty that the global outage stemmed from the failure of a single “core switch” in Europe and was not the result of a network breach or hack. Since RIM provides back-end service support for all BlackBerrys, the company operates multiple nodes and switches around the world for routing data.

This failure caused a backlog that overwhelmed the system.

Does this sound like reliability issues you face?

Could they have avoided this issues with some proactive application of root cause analysis?

We’ll watch what comes out in future press reports.

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