December 21, 2009 | Dave Janney


3 railway workers face charges over 2005 Yamagata derailment…see the story:


“The investigation document police filed with prosecutors accuses the three of failing to stop the train even though they could have predicted that strong winds could hit the area, as storm clouds were passing above the area.”

“Following the accident, JR East installed additional wind gauges in the area, erected windbreak fences along the tracks and introduced a strong wind warning system. Moreover, a Doppler radar was installed by the Meteorological Agency to monitor the movements of clouds and predict winds.”

Hmm………following the accident the system deficiencies were addressed yet there is a need to charge people because they “could have predicted” strong winds?  Wow.  I wonder what would have happened to them (or if they really had the authority) if they had stopped the train and disrupted the schedule.  Sounds like a little scapegoating if you ask me.

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