January 2, 2015 | Mark Paradies

Blast from the Past – SI Releases Computerized Root Cause Analysis Workstation!

January 1994 – 21 years ago!

The first computerized root cause analysis workstation was released by System Improvements on January 1994. We called it the “Investigation Team Workstation”. What did it include?

1. MacTapRooT® Software (version 1.0 – Mac version).

2. Events & Causal Factors Charting Template and MacFlow Software (version 1.0 – mac version).

3. A Macintosh Plus.

4. A portable inject printer.

5. A Mac backpack to haul it all.

This was semi-portable and way ahead of it’s time. 

I thought I had a picture of me using it (I actually took it on a plane to use in an investigation) but I can’t seem to find it (way before digital pictures – we were still using Polaroids for investigation photos). 

We sold several to clients who wanted to computerize their root cause analysis (we actually became a Mac reseller for a short period of time). 

We even updated the workstation to the PowerBook 165 when they came out later in 1994.

If anyone out there has a picture of our state-of-the-art system, send it to me!

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