April 26, 2006 | Mark Paradies

BP Texas City Explosion Follow Up … CNN Reports on OSHA Inspection at Other BP Refineries and $2.4 Million Fine

Here is the article from CNN:


Some thoughts …

The refining industry has been run hard (at maximum capacity) for a number of years. Are other accidents waiting to happen at other refineries? Does this inspection show that BP has an overall safety problem or is the problem more widespread?

These are the kinds of questions one must answer when they are looking to go from specific root causes of problems to generic causes. If one does a good job of asking questions and finding answers about generic root causes, one can eliminate whole classes of accidents rather than addressing accidents one at a time.

Of course company wide (or industry wide) corrective actions are usually much more expensive. So justifying these corrective actions takes evidence that takes time and effort to collect. (For example, the result of the OSHA Audit at other BP Refineries was just released … over a year after the original explosion at the BP Texas City Refinery).

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