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Because of the low oil prices, the registration for the 2015 Global TapRooT® Summit by people in the oil and gas industry is down.

As a business owner, I can understand that when your revenues shrink, you need to cut costs. However, as a smart business owner, I know that some expenditures are BUSINESS CRITICAL. If you cut these expenses you aren’t “cutting fat”, you are cutting “meat and bone” and, as a result, future performance will suffer.

The 2015 TapRooT® Summit should be on your list of BUSINESS CRITICAL expenditures that should NOT be cut unless you plan to file for bankruptcy and go out of business. Let me explain why …

First, managers may get the impression that conferences, especially those in Las Vegas, are a boondoggle. Conference attendees are just going for a good time. This IS NOT TRUE with the TapRooT® Summit.

People work hard at the TapRooT® Summit to learn valuable best practices and new ideas for improving performance that they will come back to work and implement. Participants arrive early and stay late to have additional discussions with new people they meet. Attendees make detailed plans of what they are going to do when they get back to work. 

Of course, the Summit is NOT all work and no play. We want you to have a good time. And we think that adds to the learning experience. But I think we do a much better job than any other conference I’ve attended at getting people involved in the learning process.

In 1993 I started planning the first the Summit because there was not a place for professionals interested in practical performance improvement and root cause analysis to get together, network, discuss the latest practical improvements and research, and get motivated to return to the fight to change performance for the better. I was not looking to create a conference full of fluff or the same old thing. Rather, I wanted the conference to push the state-of-the-art and promote all of our best users to make themselves even better. That same theme is the basis for the TapRooT® Summit that we are holding in June.

In addition, the purpose of the Summit is not to make money for System Improvements. At best, we break even. Often, we eat a loss. But we think it is worthwhile for our instructors (who are required to attend) and our users (who we hope will attend). The fee involved helps defray the cost of holding the Summit (which you might guess is considerable).

By why should people from the oil industry attend the 2015 TapRooT® Summit?

Because the oil industry just can’t afford another tragic accident. Even in these times of low oil prices, the industry needs to be redoubling their efforts to improve safety and environmental performance. And that’s where the 2015 Global TapRooT® Summit comes in. 

Look at the talks and workshops in all the track at the 2015 Global TapRooT® Summit (CLICK HERE). Perhaps you should be working to improve performance by learning from some of these sessions:

  • Improving your corrective actions
  • Improving your root cause analysis and grading your investigation reports
  • Proactively improving equipment reliability
  • Developing proactive performance metrics to spot problems before accidents happen
  • How to stop “normalization of deviation”
  • How to give good feedback to employees by praising character rather than results
  • How to track errors and defects/waste on a daily basis
  • How to conduct a root cause analysis of multiple similar events
  • Find the gaps in your performance improvement program

That’s just a sample of what you could be learning about if you attend this BUSINESS CRITICAL meeting.

But learning IS NOT all that happens at the Summit. The Summit is also about MOTIVATION.

When your company is suffering and people are being laid off, it’s easy to lose your motivation and sink into despair (maybe even desperation). But 2015 Global TapRooT® Summit will send people back to work INSPIRED to make improvement happen even in difficult times.

What might inspire them? Try these Keynote Speakers:


  • Dan Quiggle, an aid to President Reagan, will talk about the lessons he learned about leadership from President Ronald Reagan. I don’t care what your politics are, his stories will provide you with motivation to go back to work and make change happen.
  • Walter Bond, and NBA star and business owner, will inspire you with a message about self-motivation to become the best.
  • Dr. Beverly Chiodo, voted the best speaker we have ever had at the Summit and known as the “Doctor of Encouragement”, will share her inspiring stories about the right way to provide feedback to inspire people to do the right thing for the right reason.
  • Alan Smith and Mhorvan Sherret, both retired senior detectives from Scotland who worked accidents in the North Sea, will discuss responding to major accidents. You will once again be inspired by their stories to stop accidents BEFORE they can happen.


  • Captain Richard Phillips, the real life inspiration for the movie Captain Phillips (staring Tom Hanks), will share his real life experience. You think you are going through hard times? Think again.
If critical lessons learned, discovering gaps in your current programs, and getting motivated to make performance improvement happen isn’t enough to make this a BUSINESS CRITICAL meeting, them perhaps the knowledge you could gain at one of the 15 Pre-Summit Courses is. And when you attend the Summit and a Pre-Summit Course, you get $200 off the combined price (so you save money too!).
I hope that this short list of reasons that you MUST ATTEND the 2015 Global TapRooT® Summit provides you with the ammunition you need to go to your senior management TODAY, show them what they will be missing if you do not attend, and get permission to participate in this BUSINESS CRITICAL MEETING.
REGISTER TODAY and get your travel plans made. You won’t be sorry that you made the effort and got special permission to be there because your efforts will:
  • PREVENT INJURIES, and perhaps
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