February 12, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Can You Pass the CSI Crime Scene Investigator Test?

If your in Houston before April 30, drop by the Houston Museum of Natural Science and take the “CSI Crime Scene Investigator Test.”

There’s three sceens and you can use your investigative skills to try to decide what happened.

This is part of an exhibit named “CSI: The Experience.”

Picture 12-1

To aid your investigation, you will be given CSI cards on a clipboard. use the card to record information. At the different stations, you will analyze bullets, hairs and fibers, seeds and pollen, dental records, DNA, cell-phone messages, fingerprints, tire impressions, toxicology breakdowns, bugs, blood splatters and medical examiner reports. Wow! You will be just like a CSI detective!

Usually, industrial investigations aren’t as much of a mystery as “CSI crime scene investigations.” But exercising you deductive skills is still a good way to keep investigative skills renewed.

For more information, see their web site:


And catch the exhibit at other locations later in the year:

COSI (Columbus, Ohio) May 24-September 1

Science Museum of Minnesota (St. Paul) October 15-January 4, 2009

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