March 8, 2018 | Anne Roberts

Caption Contest!

Now that the Summit is over we can begin a new caption contest! I’m not sure that when your boss says, “Get the job done safely…” that this is exactly what he had in mind. Read and follow the instructions below so you can qualify to win.

How would you caption the above photo? Put on your creative hat and read the contest instructions below. Enter as many times as you want, and if you’ve won our contest before, you are still eligible to enter this one!

Contest Instructions:
1. Create your caption to the photo above in five words or less. All captions with more than five words will be disqualified.
2. Type your caption in the comments section of this post by April 2, 2018.
3. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the Tuesday TapRooT® Friends & Experts e-newsletter. You must be a subscriber to win!

Have fun!

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