September 22, 2022 | Barb Carr

Don’t get a Career Coach, Get a Root Cause Tree!


Years ago, I spent a lot of time and money certifying as a coach. You might say I’m one of the pioneers in coaching. So, maybe you’re curious at this point about why I’m advising you NOT to get a career coach. I know this post will ruffle some feathers, but hear me out.

The coaching industry is unregulated; and a person doesn’t have to be certified or meet any qualifications to call themselves a coach. Coaches use assessment tools, and some coaches don’t use them very well because they use them to characterize a client. Clients are more than what a limited tool assesses. So, then we get into the weeds of interpreting data that is best interpreted by those who are trained to interpret it. Life coaches are not psychologists. Many coaches have big hearts and great intentions but great intentions do not equal qualifications.

I do believe that coaching resources are worthwhile to explore. As a public speaker, I often share them when I’m talking about how to improve soft skills. However, I find that most people can self-coach with the right guidance on how to use the resources and improve their level of happiness in their careers and lives.

If you want to get up the career ladder faster, the old-fashioned way (sleeves up, dedicating yourself to improvement), learn how to do an effective root cause analysis. A root cause analysis is not just for incident investigations. You can use it for lots of things from HR issues to proactive audits and everything in between.


Be a problem-solver for your organization by investing in learning root cause analysis skills. You can learn the entire TapRooT® Root Cause System in just two days, and be on your way to making improvements that get noticed on day three.

When you reduce injuries, save lives, reduce equipment downtime and support your workers in their jobs so they don’t quit or make mistakes . . . THAT is leadership. That is a sound business strategy and will bring you an improved mindset.

But hey, if you need a life wheel assessment tool or a template to discover your core values too, just ask me. I’ll send it to you for free!

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